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  • about visionroots

    VisionRoots is managed by a team of highly experienced and financially sound business men with over 30 years of exposure, respectable presence and vast experience. All of them have been extremely successful as business people and Industrialists with strong presence in Manufacturing, Imports, Real estate, Hospitality and Retail Business with astute familiarity with the law of the land.

    Our group has successfully executed transactions worth INR 1000 crore till date that includes transactions of about INR 700 crore in Real Estate and INR 300 crore in Imports, Retail and other Ventures. Besides the group owns a large portfolio of captive properties across India.

    We are an ISO 9001-2015 and WHO-GMP certified company offering world class products and service to its customers. We already have a phenomenally growing presence across many towns and cities of India. We believe in empowering our associates with an opportunity to build and manage their lives on their own terms, in their own time.

    A well educated sales team and our support, tools and infrastructure of VisionRoots will allow you to work towards financial freedom and also help you achieve healthy future for you & your loved ones.


    To be in Sync with Country’s Philosophy of “Make In India” by promoting products that are Made In India.

    We are committed to contribute significantly towards another important initiative of India – “Digital India”

    Our life changing opportunity thus will help people explore their real potential and not only create abundance and wealth in their life but also a life that is stress free and healthy. With our unique cost effective products and business opportunity, people will achieve not only FINANCIAL FREEDOM in their life but EMOTIONAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL FREEDOM too, thereby evolving as happy and stable families.


    VisionRoots’ ambitious marketing plan complements the company’s vision by offering an opportunity for people of all ages and all walks of life to develop an independent business of their own and achieve their goals.

    Coupled with a dynamic and reliable channel of distribution it aims to satisfy the consumers and direct sellers, in a trustworthy and secure environment for both parties.

    To achieve the aggressive marketing plan and for smooth running of the business of direct selling through poly layered marketing philosophy, VISIONROOTS has an unmatched Sales and Compensation Plan, certain rules and regulations, and other terms and conditions in place, all subject to modification/change/end to best suit the business environment.

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