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Lalit Arora

I was born and brought up in Delhi. In my school days, I was an average student and my family members and most of the relatives were in Government jobs but in class 11th itself I decided that I will not do any job in my life. I wanted to become a businessman. Failure was not an option, I had to prove that my decision to be my own Boss was right.

After my formal studies I started my career as a fashion designer, worked in Delhi. Then I added business of interior designing. In the year 1997 one of my close friend showed me a business plan and that was the day when I entered and started Network Marketing.Today it has been a long journey of 21 years in this industry. I earned a lot of money but I wanted name and fame also.

With this rich exposure and experience I met Dr. Navneet Kukreja and Mr. Ankur Narang and I felt that we can do miracles in this industry and this work can give me name and fame as well. I joined VisionRoots. Since this became our passion we started working day and night and we successfully launched VisionRoots on 11th Feb 2018.

Now we are getting tremendous results across India and I have feeling that very soon VisionRoots will be one of the best company in the world. Why?

Because VisionRoots is working on the roots of Network Marketing. VisionRoots is a perfect balance of the five pillars important for any company in Network Marketing business; viz. Company Profile, Management, Products, Business Plan and Support System.

I am feeling proud and honored that after having 21 years of experience I have formed IGNITE Success System, which is dedicated to provide business education to all VisionRoots associates. We are ready and well equipped to create revolution in Network Marketing industry and to give best opportunities for everyone with dreams and who really want to achieve big success in their life.

Yogesh Oberoi

I was born in Pathankot, Punjab and did my schooling from a small town of Himachal Pradesh and later MCA from Pathankot. In 2004 I came to Delhi with big dreams.

I started my job with just Rs. 4500 and ended with package of Rs.20 Lakhs after a long time of over 13 years in IT industry.

First time I was introduced to Network Marketing in Dec 2006 by one of my relatives. I worked hard but was not able to get any success in that company. I tried in few other Network Marketing companies as well, but somehow did not get any success.

Finally, on 11th Feb 2018 I joined VisionRoots with my mentor Mr. Lalit Arora who taught me the basics of Network Marketing. I took decision to quit my job and now I am working full time with VisionRoots only. With in a short span of time, I am happy with my own and my team’s success in VisionRoots Business.

With smart work and handsome earnings some of my team members purchased 2 wheelers and are planning for 4 wheelers by this year end only. Some of them achieved foreign tour as well. Under the leadership of Mr.Lalit Arora and IGNITE Success System we are feeling charged and confident and we are moving towards big success at a constant pace.

I can say VisionRoots is one of the best company with high quality products, group of professional with best experience, one of the best marketing plan to work with, hi-tech support system to reach fast in every corner of India with products and knowledge through latest technology.

Join VisionRoots if you really desire for a fast growth in Network Marketing.

Beer Singh Negi

I was looking for a business that could provide me a comfortable income. I was working in another direct selling company for 14 years and did achieve success initially but to maintain it and to further grow was not that easy. In the process, I met with a lot of financial as well as personal losses.

When the VisionRoots plan was presented to me, I was able to see that this is a plan where every direct seller’s dream can come true. I joined VisionRoots in December 2017 and in very little time, I achieved success and now my income is increasing every week with VisionRoots.

I did earn in the past working for another direct selling company but I have received much better income from VisionRoots business. I am so happy and enjoying VisionRoots direct selling business with lot of interest. In VisionRoots, I achieved Thailand Tour within two months of my joining and I have already reached the level of Royal Executive with a team size of almost 500.

So I'm fully confident that I'll change my life soon with the VisionRoots business and I am thankful to the company and my guide for giving me a bright future opportunity.