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TERMINATION POLICY is operated by VISIONROOTS SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, a company registered under the Companies Act, 1956, having its registered office at A4-34, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 (also referred to as "VISIONROOTS", "VISIONROOTS SERVICES", "company", "we," "us," and "our").

VISIONROOTS wishes a mutually beneficial and healthy relationship with all Direct Sellers who join hands to promote and market the company's business. However, at times certain events may require the company to terminate agreement/contract/services of its Business Associates and Direct sellers. The basis of such action would be as under:


VISIONROOTS may terminate the authorization to operate as a Direct Seller by notice in writing to a Direct Seller, or de-sponsor the Direct Seller from his Business Group, if one or more of the following occurs:

  • If the Direct Seller makes a serious misrepresentation of VISIONROOTS or the VISIONROOTS business.
  • For reason of non-performance within time period stipulated.
  • Any unethical and pre judicial work to the interest of the Company.
  • For the breach of any terms and conditions of this agreement and marketing/sales plan.
  • Information given by Direct Seller (Business Affiliate) is found wrong/false.
  • The Direct Seller or, if the business comprises two or more individuals, any of those persons) is convicted of an offence punishable by a prison term;
  • The Direct Seller becomes the subject of bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings;
  • The Direct Seller is incapable at the time of Registration or at a later stage of business becomes incapable of managing his affairs by reason of mental condition.
  • The Direct Seller breaches any of these Rules and Ethics of Business and fails to rectify such breach within the time period specified by VISIONROOTS in its written notice to the Direct Seller.
  • The Direct Seller commits repeated breaches of any of these Rules and Ethics of Business;
  • Migrates to other country.

The decision of termination or de-sponsoring of a Direct Seller by VISIONROOTS shall be final and binding on the Direct Seller.

Termination of a Direct Seller means:

"Termination of the authorization of the Direct Seller to operate as a VISIONROOTS Direct Seller and termination of all rights derived from said authorization, and the right to receive any further consideration from or generated by such business arising or accruing after the date of termination, except the right to receive reimbursements of the discounts/considerations/incentives corresponding to the purchases or business conducted prior to the termination date. Termination shall be effective upon the date specified by VISIONROOTS in its email, SMS and/ or written notice to the Direct Seller".

Termination a Direct Seller also means termination of:
  • All rights and entitlements as a VISIONROOTS Direct Seller.
  • Personal information given on VISIONROOTS website.
  • Identification as a VISIONROOTS Direct Seller.
  • Right to go at any VISIONROOTS office and attend VISIONROOTS meeting.

The Direct Seller may terminate this agreement at any time by giving a written notice to the Company.

Meaning of De-sponsorship:

De-sponsorship or "de-sponsored from one's Business Group" means "the removal of a Direct Seller from his position as a Sponsor in the Sponsorship Line (including, at the absolute discretion of VISIONROOTS, the removal of the Direct Seller's right to ever sponsor again in his current Sponsorship Line or any other Sponsorship Line), by written notice by email / letter/ SMS from VISIONROOTS to the relevant Direct Seller and becoming effective on the date stated in such notice".

The Process of Termination or De-sponsorship:

The Direct Seller, whose authorization is to be cancelled or who is to be de-sponsored, shall be given written notice of VISIONROOTS' decision by a email and / or Registered Mail and

1. Be mailed to the last email IDs or mailing address of such parties as shown in VISIONROOTS' records;

2. If applicable, state the Rule(s) violated by the Direct Seller;

3. State the date on which any such action shall become effective

4. In case of De-sponsorship only, the Direct Seller will have an opportunity to appeal VISIONROOTS' decision to the company's Grievance Redressal Panel. The panel will review the case for any possible resolution and if the dispute continues to persist, the case shall be referred to the Sole Arbitrator as per the law.

Upon termination of his or her authorization as a VISIONROOTS Direct Seller for any cause whatsoever, the Direct Seller shall:

1. Return, in good condition, all VISIONROOTS Products and VISIONROOTS distributed products in his possession.

2. Cease to use all trademarks, trade names, insignia, or other industrial property used in or related to the VISIONROOTS business, and

3. Cease to identify and represent himself as a VISIONROOTS Direct Seller.
The Direct Seller will have no claim against VISIONROOTS arising out of or in respect of the termination or De-sponsorship.


In an effort to remove misrepresentations (by the violating Direct Seller) of the VISIONROOTS Sales and Marketing Plan within the Sponsorship Line, or as an alternative to completely terminating the business of a Direct Seller who has violated VISIONROOTS Rules and Ethics of Business, VISIONROOTS may employ various actions and procedures of suspension of business to encourage VISIONROOTS Direct Seller to improve his/her business conduct. VISIONROOTS may use any or all of the following to address the matter:

  • Hold / forfeit payment of considerations, higher award money, or other money payable to the business.
  • Suspend authorization to conduct sponsoring activity (sponsoring, recruiting, meetings, training sessions, home presentations, etc.),
  • Suspend invitations to any/all of the company sponsored events.


VISIONROOTS may initiate termination, De-sponsorship, or suspension of a Direct Seller's business even in the absence of a formal complaint. VISIONROOTS shall not, however, take action against the Direct Seller without offering an opportunity to explain and/or justify his conduct.

Where the seriousness of violation truly questions the right of such Direct Seller to continue to operate his business, VISIONROOTS may terminate without affording the Direct Seller the opportunity to explain or rectify his past improper conduct.